Solo Shows

Cabbage Dance Suite

Created and performed by Jordan Rosin.

The Baby-Powder-Naked-Man can’t seem to do anything right, but life must go on and the cabbage is his god. Bugs. Drag. Butoh. Classical Music. Mania.

In this largely improvised fusion of clown and Butoh, Jordan demonstrates his consummate skill as a actor-creator in a performance that’s sure to delight audiences of all ages.

Runtime: Approx. 23 – 35 minutes
Now available for touring. Continue reading Cabbage Dance Suite


Created & performed by Jordan Rosin
Directed by Kaitlyn Samuel

A solo ritual invoking the spirit of Rosin’s own grandfather James Bonneau through his sometime harrowing and often hilarious stories from World War II. Directed by Kaitlyn Samuel, JORDAN & THE HUMAN draws on clowning, PopAction, commedia dell’arte, dramatic acrobatics, Body Ritual Movement, Tokyo Space Dance and more to create a resonant tapestry of metamorphic storytelling through movement. Continue reading JORDAN & THE HUMAN

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“…visceral choreography captures Medea’s grief-fuelled fury at Jason’s betrayal of her like a blast of heat from a furnace. As she contorts herself in maddened grief, she’s mesmeric.”   
– fest, Edinburgh, Scotland
“From the simple flick of a wrist to the wild thrashing of her head, each movement is carefully choreographed and delivered with primal emotion. The result is almost frightening at times.”
 – A Differing View, Edinburgh, Scotland

Butoh Medea

​Adapting this production from Euripides’ Medea and Greek Tragedy, and using Japanese Butoh Dance and original texts, Yokko brings the spirit of Medea to life. This fusion of Eastern dance and Western drama invites the audience inside Medea’s dark and desperate struggle. Trapped in the underworld, she is forever cursed to relive her tragic journey through love, hate, and ultimate loss. Continue reading Butoh Medea

The Ume Group’s “DREAM DANCES”

The Ume Group’s “DREAM DANCES” is a moving meditation and theatrical experience based on the real-life dreams of artists and their audiences. Using soundpainting, acrobatics, ensemble play, and butoh dance, an athletic ensemble of physical theatre artists transforms written accounts of recent dreams into vivid theatrical sketches, surreal comedy and soul-wrenching dance. Continue reading The Ume Group’s “DREAM DANCES”

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Education Projects

“How lucky am I that I got to participate in your incredible life changing workshop… Thank you… for your rare generosity, open heart and powerful guidance. It was a true honor to share the space with you and allow myself to explore deeper parts of my inner world.”
Hanna-Lee Sakakibara (Los Angeles, CA)


In the DREAM DANCES Workshop, participants will learn to use the techniques of butoh dance, devised theatre, and ensemble play to bring their very own dreams to life!  Continue reading DREAM DANCES™ Workshop

Physical Theatre Video Tutorials

In this FREE series of eight online video tutorials, Jordan Rosin demonstrates and explains fundamental acrobatic and physical theatre skills like cartwheels, shoulder rolls, undulation, counterbalance, and more. Continue reading Physical Theatre Video Tutorials

Butoh Dance: Alchemy of the Spirit Workshop

In this workshop, award-winning physical theatre artist and educator Jordan Rosin leads participants on a journey of spiritual alchemy using the techniques of Japanese butoh dance. Incorporating key exercises from multiple schools of the form, Jordan draws on shamanic ritual and primitive theatrical approaches to explore the nature of movement as pre-text for deep self-investigation and the nature of the body as both object and story. Continue reading Butoh Dance: Alchemy of the Spirit Workshop

“Intro to Butoh Dance” Online Private Lessons

US-based Butoh artist and teacher, Jordan Rosin is now offering online private lessons in Butoh Dance. These lessons are perfect for anyone looking to explore Butoh Dance for the first time in the privacy and security of their home or studio at a pace that suits their needs. To celebrate the launch of this new initiative, Jordan is pleased to present a deeply discounted introductory package for first-time students.

“Intro to Butoh Dance” Private Lesson Package – $90.00 USD (A $175.00 value!) Continue reading “Intro to Butoh Dance” Online Private Lessons

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Choreography Reel

Featuring excerpts of Jordan’s choreographic work from “The Ume Group’s DREAM DANCES”, “JORDAN & THE HUMAN: Rebirth fo the Body”, “The Ume Group’s ISIS VARIATIONS”, and “BUTOH MEDEA.” Continue reading Choreography Reel

The Ume Group’s “FACET”

Co-created & Performed by Jordan Rosin & Yokko for The Ume Group

Drawing largely on techniques from Japanese butoh dance, along with yoga and gymnastics, The Ume Group’s “Facet” presents a raw and profound view of what it means to be human. Continue reading The Ume Group’s “FACET”


King Pest Adapted by the Ensemble from “King Pest” by Edgar Allan Poe Performed by the Ensemble: Cleo DeOrio, Evan Grande, Idit Kischinovsky, Jesse March, and Jordan Rosin Faculty Advisor: James Peck Lighting Design: Mike Foster Technical Direction: James Hildenbrandt Production Manager: Kaitlyn Samuel Rosin VENUES / ENGAGEMENTS: Dell’Arte International (2018)[world premiere] PHOTOS / MULTIMEDIA: Continue reading KING PEST

Echo of Our Origin

Echo of Our Origin, A Film by Jordan Rosin Continue reading Echo of Our Origin