Re-Becoming: A Workbook for Creating Original Butoh-Fu

“Re-Becoming: Creating Original Butoh-Fu” by Jordan Rosin is available in pdf to download FREE when you join his mailing list.

This easy-to-use, step-by-step guide is designed to help people unlock their inner creativity by exploring their personal relationship to language and movement through exercises inspired by Tatsumi Hijikata’s “Butoh-Fu.” Continue reading Re-Becoming: A Workbook for Creating Original Butoh-Fu


Journal of Physical Theatre

With it’s first edition set to launch on July 1, 2020, the Journal of Physical Theatre is the premiere English-language resource periodical for academics, professionals, and students working in the field of physical theatre. Continue reading Journal of Physical Theatre

Resonant Bodies Workshop

In this workshop with physical theatre artist and teacher Jordan Rosin, participants will utilize principles from a variety of physical theatre traditions (Butoh Dance in particular) to cultivate an awareness, availability, and responsiveness that will allow them to move and act with intention and impact both onstage and off. Drawing on forms such as yoga, martial arts, acrobatics, clown, contact improvisation, as well as somatic modalities like Alexander Technique and Bartenieff Fundamentals, Jordan will help students tap into universal resonance through engagement with both their dynamic and receptive aspects, expanding both their expressive capacity and the sensitivity necessary to truly be moved by the ‘other’
Ideal for performers, but open to all people, 18 and over, including those with no prior dance/performance experience. Continue reading Resonant Bodies Workshop

“Intro to Butoh Dance” Online Private Lessons

US-based Butoh artist and teacher, Jordan Rosin is now offering online private lessons in Butoh Dance. These lessons are perfect for anyone looking to explore Butoh Dance for the first time in the privacy and security of their home or studio at a pace that suits their needs. To celebrate the launch of this new initiative, Jordan is pleased to present a deeply discounted introductory package for first-time students.

“Intro to Butoh Dance” Private Lesson Package – $90.00 USD (A $175.00 value!) Continue reading “Intro to Butoh Dance” Online Private Lessons

Butoh Dance: Alchemy of the Spirit Workshop

In this workshop, award-winning physical theatre artist and educator Jordan Rosin leads participants on a journey of spiritual alchemy using the techniques of Japanese butoh dance. Incorporating key exercises from multiple schools of the form, Jordan draws on shamanic ritual and primitive theatrical approaches to explore the nature of movement as pre-text for deep self-investigation and the nature of the body as both object and story. Continue reading Butoh Dance: Alchemy of the Spirit Workshop