Jordan Rosin

Artist Statement

“I move as much as I can (even in perfect stillness) because for a decade growing up I think I forgot how to move entirely. I perform and choreograph mysterious, but deeply heartfelt rituals of the body. With the help of an ensemble, a little postmodern acrobatics and the “dance-of-utter-darkness” I unapologetically enfranchise even the most neglected flesh to demand a place in the conversations of our age.”

– Jordan Rosin

Short Biography

Jordan Rosin is a physical theatre artist and teacher, specializing in Butoh Dance. He also draws on yoga, clowning, and acrobatics to create theatre and dance events with popular and poetic resonance. Jordan was co-founder & Producing Artistic Director of the The Ume Group (NYC) from 2011-2016; is a frequent collaborator with Ren Gyo Soh; and creator of DREAM DANCES™. He received his BFA in Drama from Syracuse University and is currently pursuing an MFA in Physical Theatre from Dell’Arte International. Select past projects include the internationally award-winning Butoh Medea, Butoh Electra, Isis Variations, and Facet.

Workshop 41.jpg
Resonant Bodies 2018 (Los Angeles, CA) Photo by Krzysztof Sienkiewicz

Long Biography

Jordan Rosin. Portrait by Jorge Luna, part of the “Ume After Rehearsal” series.

JORDAN ROSIN is an award-winning physical theatre artist, teacher, director and performer belonging to the third generation of the avant-garde movement form Butoh. His main butoh teachers are Joan Laage, Vangeline, & Tetsuro Fukuhara, though he has trained with numerous others including Yoshito Ohno, Ko Murobushi, Katsura Kan, Diego Pinon, and Daiichiro Yuyama. He also draws on yoga, clowning, and acrobatics to create choreography & movements with popular and poetic resonance. Jordan was a co-founder & Producing Artistic Director of the NYC-based physical theatre ensemble, The Ume Group from 2011-2016; has been a frequent collaborator with the butoh company Ren Gyo Soh; and is creator of DREAM DANCES™.  He received his BFA in Drama from Syracuse University and is currently pursuing an MFA in Ensemble-Based Physical Theatre at Dell’Arte International in Blue Lake, CA.

In 2011, after moving to New York City, he and friends from Syracuse founded the physical theatre ensemble, The Ume Group as a vehicle to produce their flagship martial arts / butoh dance epic Butoh Electra at the New York International Fringe Festival.  Since then, and through various iterations, The Ume Group has grown to become a diverse ensemble of artists dedicated to the cornerstones of learning, teaching, creating, & performing, offering regular workshops and classes at Grace & St. Paul’s Church on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Under Jordan’s tenure as Producing Artistic Director, the Core Ensemble of teaching artists grew to an impressively dedicated 8 members, representing over 4 different nationalities and a diverse background of acting, dancing and physical theatre experiences.  The company is still active today under the direction of Keelie Sheridan, who took over artistic leadership in 2016.  (For more info, visit:

For The Ume Group, Jordan’s credits include writer/producer of Butoh Electra (The Irondale Center, FringeNYC, Syracuse University), performer/co-creator of Facet (Hollywood Fringe Festival, Wave Rising Series), performer/co-creator of Isis Variations (FringeNYC, Cool NY Dance Festival) and director/choreographer of Dream Dances and of The Lysistrata Project.  He also produced over two dozen workshops, readings, festivals, short films, dance performances, and special events over the course of his 5 years as Producing Artistic Director.

Jordan Rosin in “Hoichi, the earless”, photo by Vanessa Teran.

Jordan has been a frequent collaborator with the butoh dance collective Ren Gyo Soh, for whom performance credits include leading dance roles in Shinka-evolution and Hoichi-the earless as well as choreography for Butoh Medea (Winner: Best One-Woman Show, Best Choreography at United Solo 2014 & Best Physical Theatre, United Solo 2015) and movement consultation for Hide Your Fires (United Solo Fest, 2017).

In 2016, after 10 years of yoga practice in various styles, Jordan received his 200 hr vinyasa yoga teacher certification from Loom Yoga Center (RYS) in Brooklyn, NY.  He is now available for group & private lessons by appointment.  To read more about his yoga teaching, click here.

Jordan was born (and began his butoh studies) in rainy Seattle, WA and now lives with his beautiful wife, Kaitlyn in Blue Lake, CA where he is studying to receive his MFA in Ensemble-Based Physical Theatre at Dell’Arte International.

In the Press

Interviews / Quotes

Interview with Jordan by Nicole Harris on

Jordan quoted in “Butoh: A Dance of Death + Darkness” by Rebecca Sanchez on

Reviews for BUTOH MEDEA

“…visceral choreography captures Medea’s grief-fuelled fury at Jason’s betrayal of her like a blast of heat from a furnace. As she contorts herself in maddened grief, she’s mesmeric.”   – fest, Edinburgh, Scotland
“From the simple flick of a wrist to the wild thrashing of her head, each movement is carefully choreographed and delivered with primal emotion. The result is almost frightening at times.”
 – A Differing View, Edinburgh, Scotland
“Yokko’s transformation into Medea is breath-taking: profound, tormented, physical, truly esoteric and poetic. The show is not for the faint-hearted!”
– Female Arts, Edinburgh, Scotland


“Rosin’s successful synthesis of classical Greek and Japanese traditions enriches the myth at the piece’s core, as do commanding, physically impressive performances from the Ume Group.”
The Village Voice, New York City

“This visceral incarnation of Electra is not for purists or the faint-hearted. But adventurous theatergoers who like their Greek drama with a twist may enjoy Rosin’s new take on the old revenge tale. ”
CurtainUp, New York City

“What The Ume Group along with creator/director Jordan Rosin have produced is something very beautiful and disturbing.”, New York City


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