DREAM DANCES™ Butoh/Physical Theatre Workshop with Jordan Rosin (Eureka, CA) – 2017/09/01 & 02

DREAM DANCES facebook cover-TMWorkshop
“DREAM DANCES”, Photo by Jorge Luna.

DREAM DANCES™ Butoh/Physical Theatre Workshop with Jordan Rosin
September 1 & 2, 2017 at Synapsis Nova
212 G Street, Eureka, CA 95501

In the DREAM DANCES™ Workshop, participants will learn to use the techniques of butoh dance, devised theatre, and ensemble play to bring their very own dreams to life!

Participants will be asked to bring in 2-3 journal entries about dreams that they’ve had.  For some that may be difficult and so pre-workshop assignments given 1-2 weeks prior are included to help participants specifically work on dream recollection and to begin journaling.  (Attendance at the Friday “Primer Night” is also particularly recommended for these individuals.)

Over the course of the Saturday workshop, participants will create vivid theatrical sketches which capture the essence of their very own dreams, part of which will be performed for the public at Synapsis monthly Arts Alive Cabaret!  (Participation in the performance is encouraged, but not required and limited to those participating in the Saturday workshop.)

Both days of the workshop will begin with a discussion and meditation, then proceed to highly accessible and action-driven lessons in techniques like yoga, mime, soundpainting, butoh dance & devising from DREAM DANCES™ Founder, Jordan Rosin.

Benefits of this work include…

  • physical: increased flexibility, strength, balance & coordination
  • cognitive: re-invigorated creativity, plus increased overall physical awareness and concentration
  • social: a heightened sense of ensemble & teamwork, leadership & communication skills
  • plus, the ability to translate dream life into actionable wisdom through techniques of applied physical theatre.

Participants should bring…

  • Clothing which allows movement.
  • Dream journal.
  • Water or snack.


Friday, Sept. 1 , 6pm – 9pm (3 hours) Primer Night – Introductory Butoh Lesson & Yoga Nidra practice (Good for dream recall)

Saturday, Sept. 2, 12pm – 6pm (6 hours) Workshop – Yoga, Butoh, & Physical Theatre for Embodying Our Dreams

Saturday, Sept. 2, 9pm Performance – Optional, but strongly recommended performance by workshop participants of material generated in the workshop as part of Synapsis monthly Arts Alive Cabaret!


BOTH DAYS: $90 for 9 hours ($60 if you register by Aug. 11)

Register via PayPal: paypal.me/JordanRosin/90
or paypal.me/JordanRosin/60 (Early Bird)

Friday ONLY: $30 for 3 hours ($20 if you register by Aug. 11)

Register via PayPal: paypal.me/JordanRosin/30
or paypal.me/JordanRosin/20 (Early Bird)

Saturday ONLY: $60 for 6 hours ($40 if you register by Aug. 11)

Register via PayPal: paypal.me/JordanRosin/60
or paypal.me/JordanRosin/40 (Early Bird)

Registration is also allowed at-the-door on a space available basis. (Cash only.)

All payments are non-refundable.

Ankoku Butoh (dance of darkness) is a style of dance and philosophy of creating total theatre originating from Japan in the mid twentieth century. The main aim of the work is to reveal tacit knowledge hidden in the body, and to promote self-realization through discovery of your most authentic movement. Butoh training promotes physical endurance and expressiveness, spiritual consciousness, and creativity.

Jordan Rosin is a physical theatre artist, teacher, director and performer belonging to the third generation of the avant-garde movement form Butoh. His main butoh teachers are Joan Laage, Vangeline, & Tetsuro Fukuhara, though he has trained with numerous others including Ko Murobushi, Katsura Kan, Diego Pinon, and Daiichiro Yuyama. Jordan was a co-founder & Producing Artistic Director of the NYC-based physical theatre ensemble, The Ume Group from 2011-2016; has been a frequent collaborator with the butoh company Ren Gyo Soh; and is creator of DREAM DANCES.  Recent choreography include the internationally acclaimed Butoh Medea (Best Physical Theatre, United Solo Festival 2015; Best Choreography, United Solo Festival 2015); The Ume Group’s Butoh Electra; Facet (Hollywood Fringe Festival); Isis Variations (FringeNYC 2014, CoolNY 2014 Dance Festival); Dream Dances; and Lysistrata Project. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Ensemble-Based Physical Theatre at Dell’Arte International in Blue Lake, CA. 

Jordan Rosin:





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