Hijikata Anniversary Butoh Workshop with Jordan Rosin (Eureka, CA) – 2017/01/22

Hijikata Anniversary Butoh Workshop with Jordan Rosin

Sunday, January 22, 2017, 3pm – 6pm at Synapsis Nova, 212 G Street, Eureka, CA 95501
Tatsumi Hijikata (March 9, 1928 – January 21, 1986), founder of butoh is well-known for his exacting choreographic approach and his butoh-fu, extensive poetic notations of his ankoku butoh (dance of utter darkness) experiments. In this workshop, participants will explore a few of the techniques of butoh dance, including heritaged choreography such as Hijikata’s “bugs walk”, then work with partners to create their own poetic notation of improvised dances.

Participants should bring…

  • Paper or a notebook.
  • Pens, pencils or other writing materials.
  • Clothing which allows movement.
  • A flower, stone or other “gift from nature” to energize the space.

Cost is $30. $25 with early registration. (January 15)
To register early, please send a $10 deposit to Leslie Castellano
PO Box 4408, Arcata, CA 95518 and text 707-616-3104

Ankoku Butoh (dance of darkness) is a style of dance and philosophy of creating total theatre originating from Japan in the mid twentieth century. Often marked by grotesque imagery and taboo themes, the main aim of the work is to reveal tacit knowledge hidden in the body, and to promote self-realization through discovery of your most authentic movement. Butoh training promotes physical endurance and expressiveness, spiritual consciousness, and creativity.

Jordan Rosin is a third generation butoh practitioner and physical theatre artist. His main teachers are Joan Laage, Vangeline, & Tetsuro Fukuhara, though he has trained with numerous others including Ko Murobushi, Katsura Kan, Diego Pinon, and Daiichiro Yuyama. Jordan was a co-founder & Producing Artistic Director of the NYC-based physical theatre ensemble, The Ume Group from 2011-2016; has been a frequent collaborator with the butoh company Ren Gyo Soh; and is creator of DREAM DANCES™. Recent choreography include the internationally acclaimed Butoh Medea (Best Physical Theatre, United Solo Festival 2015; Best Choreography, United Solo Festival 2015); The Ume Group’s Butoh Electra; Facet (Hollywood Fringe Festival); and Isis Variations (FringeNYC 2014, CoolNY 2014 Dance Festival). He is currently pursuing an MFA in Ensemble-Based Physical Theatre and Dell’Arte International in Blue Lake, CA.

Jordan Rosin:
Cover Photo: “JORDAN & THE HUMAN: Rebirth of the Body”, photo by Jorge Luna


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